Allahumma dini wa syaddidni

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ramadhan Will Fade Away But The Spirit Alive


just a reminder to myself and all my friends.

"Allah sayang hambanya yang berbuat amal & ibadat secara berterusan. tidak terputus. Walaupun amal & ibadat itu sedikit. Rugi dan celakalah bagi orang yang terputus amalannya"

In ramadhan, many people do their praying, du'a, reciting the Holy Quran and all kind of goodness. But when ramadhan ends, their "goodness" also ends. No more goodness, all back to their normal routines. They forgot and left everything like never been in ramadhan before this. So bear in mind, we should istiqamah to make us strong and To maintain and adjust our guidance (taufiq & hidayah) from fading away. Then, you WON'T lost the guidance. insyaAllah...

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